BALADI Program finishes its first year orientation sessions

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On March 2, 2013 USAID BALADI program concluded all its first year orientation workshops for municipalities and communities throughout Lebanon. A total of 39 workshops were conducted since February 18, 2013. The orientation workshops were attended by 927 persons including 494 municipalities (more than half of the total number of municipalities in Lebanon) and 174 local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). The attendees obtained information on BALADI program and how to submit project applications. Attendees asked many questions during the workshops and obtained answers; these questions and answers are posted on BALADI website to provide equal information access to those who could not attend the workshops.

BALADI program continues to accept project applications until April 3, 2013.


Below are some of the pictures taken during the BALADI program orientation sessions.



Within the framework of "BALADI" program funded by the US Agency for International Development in Lebanon (USAID), "Statistics Lebanon" outsourced by Rene Moawad Foundation and Caritas Lebanon is conducting a survey to measure the improvement of public services in the selected municipalities for the first round of "BALADI" program through the perception of various number of community representatives from the targeted local communities.
Caritas Lebanon
Rene Moawad Foundation
Beyond Beirut