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List of the 42 selected projects part of the 2nd Round (2015)

– Menjez municipality: Generation of Electricity for Menjez Village through Photovoltaic Panels
– Tal Aabas Al Gharbi municipality: Improvement and Rehabilitation of the Irrigation Water Conveyance Network in Tal Aabbas El Gharbi
– Daher El Laysineh municipality: Establishing a center that will host back offices for private companies to employ people from Akkar.
– Hrar municipality Al Qaytea Union  of municipalities (11 municipalities): Establishing a community events area and equipping a computer center in the public school of Hrar
– Bebnine el Abdeh and Mouhmara municipalities: Generation of electricity for fishing market and poor shop owners in Bebnine el Abde village through photovoltaic lighting panels
– Douma municipality: Enhancing Recreational Youth Activities and Developing Rural Tourism in Douma
– Tannourine municipality: Improving Rural Tourism in Tannourine Region
– Bcharre municipality: Improving Ecotourism in Bcharre Region
– Hadath el jebbeh municipality: Establishing a community garden and a space for events in Hadath El Jebbeh
– Fatri municipality: “Establishment of an eco-tourism area in Fatri”
– Jezzine municipality: Improving Ecotourism in Jezzine Region
– Kaytouli municipality: Establishing a chocolate production workshop in Kaitouly
– Yahchouch municipality: Establishment of a cultural and rural tourism center in Yahchouch
– Bechmezine municipality: Generation of Electricity for Beshmezzine village using Photovoltanic panels
– Korsayta municipality: Improvement and Rehabilitation of the Irrigation Water Conveyance Network in Korsayta, Minnieh-Dinnieh District
– Imar municipality: Establishing a Potable Water Network for Eimar Village
– Bhanine municipality: Improvement and Rehabilitation of the Irrigation Water Conveyance Network in Bhanine
– Batloun municipality: Establishment of a Center for Converting Pruned Branches into Briquettes for Heating Home
– Bchatfine municipality: Establishing an Ecological and Tourist Area in Bshatfine
– Maaser el Shouf municipality: Installing Irrigation Canals and Rehabilitating an Artificial Lake in Maaser El Shouf
– Kferyachit municipality: Generation of Electricity for the Kfaryachit village through Renewable Energy
– Toula Aslout with Al Bhayre, Basloukit and Mazraat el Tefah municipalities, Ejbeh and Ayto villages: Establishing a community center in Toula
– Anjar Municipality: Development of Socio-Economic & Environmental Potential of Anjar
– Arab Salim Municipality: Construction of Arab Salim Cultural Center
– Aramoun Municipality: Promote the Role of the Local Community in Aramoun
– Araya Municipality:  135+ Pines Park – Araya
– Baaloul Municipality:  Green Baaloul
– Bab Mareaa Municipality: Electricity for All
– Chiyah Municipality: Rehabilitation of the Football Court
– Deir El Ahmar Municipal Union: Roofing and Equipping the Sports Stadium Project of Deir El Ahmar
– Deir Mimas Municipality: Deir Mimass Social Center
– Gharb Al Aala Municipal Union: Cooperative of Gharb Al Aala
– Jabal El Sheikh Municipal Union: Rehabilitation of the Sports Stadium and Public Park
– Municipality Kfarmishki: Solar Electricity, Solar Hot Water & Energy Efficiency
– Khiyara Municipality: House of Mouni
– Majdel Baana Municipality: Jabal Sporting Club
– Qob Elias Municipality: Eco-Tourism and Preserving the Heritage of Qob Elias
– Qornayel Municipality: Hybrids Solar Power System for Water Pumping Station
– Ramlieh Municipality: Towards Sustaining Local Livelihood through Promoting Solar Energy Solutions
– Rmeish Municipality: Renovation of Rmeish Basketball Court
– Roumin Municipality: Roumin Cultural Center
– Zawtar El Gharbiyeh Municipality: Zawtar El Gharbiyeh Cultural Center

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Within the framework of "BALADI" program funded by the US Agency for International Development in Lebanon (USAID), "Statistics Lebanon" outsourced by Rene Moawad Foundation and Caritas Lebanon is conducting a survey to measure the improvement of public services in the selected municipalities for the first round of "BALADI" program through the perception of various number of community representatives from the targeted local communities.
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