BALADI Program

Program Description

In September 2012, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Lebanon initiated a new five-year program called ‘Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development, and Investment’ (BALADI). BALADI Program extends for five years from September 2012 – September 2017.

Through the BALADI program, USAID is encouraging municipalities (in cooperation with local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations, and members in the community) to annually submit well-prepared and well-designed community projects for possible funding from USAID BALADI program subject to the program technical criteria and fund availability.

Annual Opportunity for Municipalities

BALADI Program extends for five years from September 2012 – September 2017.

USAID BALADI Program will annually open a period of 45 days during which municipalities can submit project funding applications for evaluation by the USAID BALADI program.

How and where can one obtain a copy of the project criteria and more detailed information?

This information and templates are accessible to the public through:

  • USAID BALADI website (Click Here);
  • USAID BALADI’s 12 offices; and
  • USAID BALADI annual workshops: these publicly announced informative workshops will occur throughout Lebanon during the first 2 weeks of the 45 day project application period.

Type of Eligible Projects

The type of projects that BALADI may support is wide, because BALADI counts on communities and municipalities to choose and design together their own projects based on their needs. As a general rule, the projects should have a positive socio-economic impact. USAID BALADI program, however, will not support projects in wastewater and/or solid waste projects, large scale infrastructure, large scale irrigation projects, dams, and wells due to complicated and lengthy environmental compliance procedures that are beyond the environmental scope of BALADI program).


USAID BALADI Maximum Contribution Per Project and Community Cost Share

USAID BALADI program’s support may reach up to USD 200,000 per application. This support is delivered through USAID BALADI program implementers and not in cash. A local/community cost share of at least 20% per application is required.


Eligible Applicants

– A municipality (in close cooperation with its community/local NGOs/other); or

– A municipal union (in close cooperation with its community/local NGOs/other); or

– For a village with no municipality and with only a mokhtar, this village can:

– Cooperate to submit a project with a municipality (lead applicant) or a municipal union (lead applicant) in their region; or

– Submit a project for the village with at least one local NGO (lead applicant) via the ‘mokhtar’ on condition that the project be locally approved and that the signature of the ‘mokhtar’ (village chief) and the ‘qaemmakam’ (district administrator) is provided.



Within the framework of "BALADI" program funded by the US Agency for International Development in Lebanon (USAID), "Statistics Lebanon" outsourced by Rene Moawad Foundation and Caritas Lebanon is conducting a survey to measure the improvement of public services in the selected municipalities for the first round of "BALADI" program through the perception of various number of community representatives from the targeted local communities.
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