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–          Through May, June and July of 2014, a fundraising expert has discussed with the municipalities of Ainata and Abra strategies for advancing relationships with donors. Concept papers for specific projects were prepared by the municipalities through close guidance by the fundraising expert.

–          Starting June 2014, Aylo Engineering equipped the municipalities of Khenshara, Kousba, Abra, Kahaleh, Bazbina, Ihmej and Jezzine Union with a Geographic Information System (GIS) application and coached their municipal staff on its usage and benefits (tax collection and calculation, infrastructure planning, etc…).

–          LTA has been developing job descriptions for the municipal staff in the following municipalities: Tyre, Kahaleh, Khenshra, Kousba and Kawkaba.

–          Starting June 2014, KDC – IOF has supported all BALADI-selected municipalities through coaching and on-the-job training on archiving, financial documentation, budgeting, tax collection, audit and oversight.

–          Through May, June and July of 2014, MIRA-CLE designed official websites for the municipalities of Khenshara, Kahaleh, Qosaybe and Barouk as well as a facebook page for the Union of Bouhaira. MIRA-Cle is currently coaching municipal focal points to be capable of editing and updating the websites with recent municipal information.

–          Aylo Engineering organized a workshop on “GIS for Municipalities– Usage and Benefits” on May 26th for the following six municipalities in Beirut: Bazbina – Kousba – Ihmej – Khenshara – Kahaleh – Abra. After installing the open-source GIS application in each municipality, Aylo will coach and guide these municipalities in their premises to better run this application to improve urban/rural planning, assets management, and infrastructure and produce a digital tax map.

–          Knowledge Development Company and Institute of Finance (KDC-IOF) conducted a series of municipal trainings for BALADI-selected municipalities during May and June of 2014 to strengthen their financial management institutional capacities, mainly on Budgeting and Improving Municipal Revenues, Archiving System, Financial Documentation, Procurement, Audit and Control, etc..

–         KDC-IOF will be supporting these municipalities with direct coaching and on-the-job trainings to enhance the capacities of the municipal staff to efficiently manage municipal finances and perform in an accountable and transparent fashion.

–          Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) organized trainings for all BALADI-selected municipalities and more than 25 civil society organizations during March, April, and May of 2014 to promote good governance and transparency on the local level. Trainings included active citizenship, good governance, advocacy, community mobilization, transparency and community outreach and T.O.T (skills of transferring knowledge to local communities).

–          LTA has recently drafted internal bylaws, personnel code, procurement policy and financial accounting system during March, April and May of 2014. These policies and codes that feature transparency clauses will be open to all Lebanese municipalities to be adopted and put into practice.

–          LTA’s team of experts on Local Development Strategic Planning has recently filled in comprehensive questionnaires in the following three municipalities during April and May of 2014: Ihmej – Khenshra – Kousba. Consultative committees that gather active stakeholders with selected municipal members are being formed.

–          Association for Forest Development and Conversation (AFDC) conducted trainings on emergency preparedness and responsiveness and early recovery from disasters during May of 2014 for the following six municipalities: Dier Ammar, Bizbina, Kousba, Abra, Barouk and Aynata. AFDC already assisted these municipalities to form local committees from the council members, CSOs, Civil Defense, Red Cross, etc…

–          MIRA-CLE assessed the requirements of the following five municipalities during April and May of 2014 to produce customized websites: Khenshara – Kahaleh – Tyre – Barouk – Qosaybeh. Moreover, a facebook page will be developed for Al-Bouhaira Union of Municipalities.

–          A fundraising expert has initiated meetings with Aynata and Abra municipalities to help them develop annual fundraising plans.



Within the framework of "BALADI" program funded by the US Agency for International Development in Lebanon (USAID), "Statistics Lebanon" outsourced by Rene Moawad Foundation and Caritas Lebanon is conducting a survey to measure the improvement of public services in the selected municipalities for the first round of "BALADI" program through the perception of various number of community representatives from the targeted local communities.
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