*Does BALADI Plus offer cash or in-kind grants?

No. BALADI Plus offers technical assistance only and does neither offer cash nor in-kind grants.

*What kind of technical assistance does BALADI Plus offer?

BALADI Plus offers two kinds of technical assistance: training and on-the-job coaching. Training is provided in the form of workshops, whereas on-the-job coaching and mentoring is provided in the form of regular visits by specialists and experts, and a permanent help desk at the disposal of the municipalities and the unions benefiting from the Program.

*Who are the prime beneficiaries of BALADI Plus Program?

The prime beneficiaries of BALADI Plus are the municipalities and unions of municipalities that have won funding from the BALADI Program (learn more about BALADI Program here) to implement developmental projects in collaboration with local CSOs. The winning municipalities and unions of the first round of applications (2013-2014) are:

–        Bezbina (Muhafaza of Akkar)

–          Deir Ammar, Kousba (Muhafazat of North-Lebanon)

–          Ehmej, Eddeh-Benta‘el, Khenshara-Jouar, Kahhaleh, Barouk-Freidiss, Jounieh (Muhafazat of Mount-Lebanon)

–          Aynata al-Arz, Union of Al-Bohaira (Muhafazat of Beqaa)

–          Saida, Abra, Jezzine (Union), Kawkaba, Qoseibe, Sour (Muhafazat of South-Lebanon)

In addition to municipalities and unions, BALADI Plus offers training and coaching for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that are actively involved in municipal affairs within the selected municipalities and unions

*What are the training topics provided by BALADI Plus to the winning municipalities and unions and their respective CSOs?

BALADI Plus provides training workshops for the winning municipalities and unions on around 16 topics:

–          Municipal Procurement (Mun)

–          Municipal Budgeting and tax collection (Mun)

–          Financial Documentation (Mun)

–          Audit and Control (Mun)

–          Archiving System (Mun)

–          Use and Benefits of GIS in Municipalities (Mun)

–          Website designing (Mun)

–          Emergency preparedness and responsiveness (Mun & CSOs)

–          Early recovery after emergencies and disasters (Mun & CSOs)

–          Community Mobilization (Mun & CSOs)

–          Transparency and Community Outreach (Mun & CSOs)

–          Good Municipal Governance Practices (Mun & CSOs)

–          Active Citizenship (CSOs)

–          Advocacy (CSOs)

–          T.O.T (CSOs)

*What are the coaching topics covered by BALADI Plus?

In addition to training workshops, BALADI Plus offers on-the-job coaching visits for the winning municipalities and unions on the following topics

–          Restructure and design a Municipal Archive

–          Design and Maintenance of Facebook Page

–          Website Design and Maintenance

–          Assessment of Existing Municipal Bylaws and Production of New or Amended Bylaws

–          Assist Municipalities in Improving its Financial Revenues

–          Design a Contingency Plan

–          Design a Simplified Local Development Strategic Plan

–          Assist Municipalities in Designing and Implementing a Fundraising Plan

–          Develop a municipal land use plan using Geographic Information System (GIS)

–          Improve the municipal financial administration (budgeting, procurement, financial reporting and auditing, etc.)

On the other hand, BALADI Plus also coaches CSOs in BALADI-selected municipalities to effectively to effectively advocate for good governance and promote for transparency and participatory budgeting.

*Can municipalities that didn’t win projects with the BALADI Program benefit from BALADI Plus?

Yes. BALADI Plus offers standard trainings for all municipalities and unions of municipalities interested in improving their skills and institutional capacity.

*What are the standard trainings offered by BALADI Plus from which all municipalities and unions can benefit?

BALADI Plus offers standard trainings in the form of 2-day workshops on the following topics:

–          Project Cycle Management

–          Fundraising and Proposal Writing

–          Planning for Feasibility and Sustainability

–          Public Private Partnership

Depending on municipality interest, more topics could be added.


*How can I apply to receive training from BALADI Plus*?

Any municipality interested in participating in a training workshop on the above topics should apply by requesting an application via e-mail, phone, or fax (see our contact information here; also, you can download the application by clicking here). The filled applications should be signed by the mayor and sent to BALADI Plus via e-mail or fax.

*Who can apply to participate in BALADI Plus trainings?

Any person involved directly or indirectly in municipal affairs may apply, namely: mayors, members of municipal council, municipal employees, local society activists and volunteers. BALADI Plus highly encourages the participation of women.


*Who are the main partners of BALADI Plus?

BALADI Plus collaborates with 3 main partners:

1-       BALADI: The Building Alliances for Local Advancement, Development, and Investment (BALADI) Program encourages municipalities, in cooperation with local civil society organizations (CSOs), and members of the local community to annually submit well-prepared and well-designed community projects for possible in-kind funding from USAID (click here for more information).

2-       BALADI CAP: The Building Alliances for Local Advancement, Development, and Investment – Capacity Building (BALADI CAP) Program is a 4 year, USAID-funded project that complements and bolsters the activities of the BALADI Program by providing organizational capacity assessments and capacity-building assistance to local civil society organizations (CSOs) selected to support partner municipalities in the implementation of joint municipal-CSO projects (click here for more information).

3-       Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI): LRI is a project launched by the United States Forest Service (USFS) office of International Programs (IP) through the support and funding of USAID. LRI provides technical assistance and institutional support for sustainable native tree reforestation and wildfire prevention in Lebanon, in collaboration with grassroots organizations and local communities (click here for more information).

*If a municipality participates in BALADI Plus trainings, does this ensure winning a grant from BALADI during the next round of applications (2014-2015)?

Participating in our standard trainings does not guarantee winning a grant from BALADI in 2014-2015. However, it does increase the municipalities’ chances to win a donor grant because the training workshops provided by BALADI Plus focus directly on project design and proposal writing skills in order to obtain funds from local or foreign donors.



Within the framework of "BALADI" program funded by the US Agency for International Development in Lebanon (USAID), "Statistics Lebanon" outsourced by Rene Moawad Foundation and Caritas Lebanon is conducting a survey to measure the improvement of public services in the selected municipalities for the first round of "BALADI" program through the perception of various number of community representatives from the targeted local communities.
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