The BALADI Plus Program


baladiplus Overview
BALADI Plus, a USAID-funded program, offers technical assistance to Lebanese Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities. >>
meet2 Description of Support to BALADI Municipalities
BALADI Plus provides training and coaching to BALADI municipalities and their respective civil society organizations to promote good governance and transparency on the local level. >>
meet3 Description of Support to All Municipalities
BALADI Plus organizes workshops open to all Lebanese municipalities to enhance their ability to design local development projects worthy of attracting funding, whether from BALADI or from other donors. >>
fb Social Media and Press
BALADI Plus is present on Social Media networks (Facebook and Twitter), and issues monthly newsletters. Our activities are extensively covered by newspapers and websites. >>
logo-kdc Public Finance and Procurement
Knowledge and Development Company (KDC) partners with Institute of Finance to strengthen municipalities’ institutional capacities in managing public finance and procurement. Available in Arabic >>
lib Resources Library
BALADI Plus program strives to provide a number of resources pertaining to the Lebanese municipal life. Municipal Capacity Assessment Tool (MCAT) is one of the most valuable resources. >>
events News and Events
This sections is regularly updated with all the program’s latest events and activities. Our workshops is an example of these activities. >>
faq FAQ
This section pertains to most frequent questions that could be asked by our beneficiaries, such as what is the difference between BALADI and BALADI Plus? How can municipalities apply to benefit from trainings? >>
contact Contact us
To join BALADI Plus’s email list and receive updated news about our workshops: Email us at: >>

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Within the framework of "BALADI" program funded by the US Agency for International Development in Lebanon (USAID), "Statistics Lebanon" outsourced by Rene Moawad Foundation and Caritas Lebanon is conducting a survey to measure the improvement of public services in the selected municipalities for the first round of "BALADI" program through the perception of various number of community representatives from the targeted local communities.
Caritas Lebanon
Rene Moawad Foundation
Beyond Beirut